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If you’ve ever attended a cocktails and conversation event, gossiped with your friends in a group text, or discussed love and relationships in a Facebook group, GrabYaJimmie.com is the website for you.

GrabYaJimmie.com is the lifestyle blog that discusses everything from sex and relationships to finding the true meaning of friendships and some pop culture. Add a dash of satire, GrabYaJimmie.com will not only teach life lessons but also keep you entertained at the same damn time.

After being featured on other blogs, such as Drama Dupree.com, WhatsTheT.com, and Rod 2.0, GrabYaJimmie.com founder and creator Jimmie Valentino believe it was time to share his story with the world. With a bachelors in Journalism, his love for creative writing, and one time aspiration to be a blues singing pastor(think Al Green), Jimmie Valentino created GrabYaJimmie.com to minister to the world in his own unique style.

Inspired by singers Mary J. Blige, Betty Wright and Millie Jackson, female rappers Lil’ Kim, Trina, and Foxy, comediennes Joan Rivers and LaWanda Page(aka Aunt Esther), Jimmie Valentino and GrabYaJimmie.com’s mission is to add a comedic and satire approach to¬† dealing with life troubles while keeping readers entertained.

Although GrabYaJimmie.com’s target demographic are LGBT urbanites between the ages of 25-45, creator and founder Jimmie Valentino believes that all audiences will be able to relate to majority of the topics featured on the website. Whether you’re black, multi-racial, tri-sexual, or whatever box you fit in, GrabYaJimmie.com has something for everyone.

If you have any questions or would like to know about more about Jimmie Valentino and GrabYaJimmie.com, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, hit us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or contact us page. Happy Reading .

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