Are We Here For a New Michael Jackson Album?

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson is set to release a new album of unreleased material on May 13th titled Xscape. The new album is being described as being “comtemporized” by today’s hottest producers such as Timbaland, Stargate, and Rodney Jerkins. I don’t know what “comtemporized” means but I’m going to assume its a bunch of remixes but this is just an assumption.

According to several news outlet, LA Reid, the current chairman of Michael’s record label Epic Records, was granted “unlimited access to the treasures representing four decades of material on which Michael had completed his vocals.”  Also, the Jackson estate has signed a long-term deal with Sony music that will give the label permission to release a new Michael Jackson album anytime they want. So even in death, Michael’s legacy will be continued to pimped out for dollars.

So are we here for a new Michael album? As much as I love Michael Jackson, I am personality not here for it. Unless Michael has some unreleased videos that accompanies the album, I don’t want to hear remixes or updated versions of his songs. I would love for Michael’s estate to allow Michael to rest in peace and not continue to tarnish his legacy but that’s my thoughts.

Are you here for new music from the King of Pop? Share your thoughts.