Black History Month Menu: Let’s Serve Up the Stereotype

Not even a week into Black History Month, the foolish begins. An all-girl Christian high school in California(and ya’ll thought it was just the south) have decided to pay homage to Black History by serving the only food that black people seem to eat the most(in their mind anyway): fried chicken, cornbread, and watermelon, offending parents and students alike.  I assume the school didn’t want to seem to racist by leaving off the Kool-Aid, hot sauce, and “chitlins”  from the menu.

Watch the school’s explanation of the “misunderstanding of culture” and their apology below.

It’s amazing to me that African-American culture in the minds of non-blacks and within our community, only boils down to stereotypes. This is the reason why I don’t eat watermelon in public unless it is sliced into cubes, similar to the picture above.  It’s bad enough that in American History books, African-American culture begins with slavery without any mention of our story before being kidnapped and shipped off to America. Not to mention, its very rare that black inventions such as traffic lights, cell phones, peanut butter, and the air conditioner are discussed. We have to do better people.


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