“Happy” To Be At The Oscars

The 2014 Academy Awards(AKA The Oscars) are slowly becoming a “Happy” occasion for many of its Black nominees( I would say African-American but majority of the nominees aren’t American but I digress). Producer/artist/ageless man Pharrell Williams is one of those people.

According to HuffPost, Pharrell will be performing his hit song, “Happy” on the televised ceremony. Written for the cartoon film, Despicable Me 2, Happy is nominated in the “Best Original Song in a Film” category, along with some other people that is not relevant to this article.

I’m going to be honest with ya’ll, Pharrell performing will be the only reason why I’m watching the Academy Awards. Unless 12 Years A Slave sweep the awards (mind you, I’ve never seen the movie), the Oscars will not keep my attention.

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