High Expectations is a VIP pass to Club Lonely

Ya’ll remember that TV show, What Chilli Wants where Chilli from TLC was looking for a man but she had a list of requirements the man should have in order for them to date: no smoking, he has to be an intelligent thug, he has to own all of TLC’s albums, he must have not wear purple underwear, etc. Needless to say, after two seasons of the show, Chilli was manless, dateless, and she continued to blame Pebbles for her sexual bankruptcy. Just kidding about the Pebbles part but ya’ll get what where I’m going with this.

Sometimes our expectations on dating can be high and let’s be honest, unrealistic. Don’t get me wrong, having standards is essential when looking for a potential date. However, if you go through more dates than K. Michelle, Mary J. Blige, and Rihanna change hairstyles combined, your expectations maybe a tad extreme.

In her article, “6 Signs Your Expectations Are Way Too High in Relationships“, relationship expert Kiri Blakely list six signs that your fantasy partner and relationship is a little on the delusional side. I’m going to list some of my favorite signs and share my interpretation of each sign. Since GrabYaJimmie believe in all relationships, gay or straight, you should be able to relate to them no matter what team you play on.

Your expectations may be too high if:

1. Your relationship history is short-term.  If you’ve had more than four potential boos within one year, you’re expectations maybe high. There is 12 months and four seasons in year, so think about that. It takes time to actually get know someone and clearly, you don’t have time for that.

2. Your dealbreakers are all superficial. He gotta look like Lance Gross, drive a Porshe, have seven figures, with excellent credit and a big dick. She has to have a body like Jennifer Lopez, mixed with Persian, no stretch marks, and fuck like Mimi Faust. You’re not interested in their personality, background, or beliefs?

3. You have romantic ideals of a soulmate.   For the record, I hate the word “soulmate.”  My soulmate is out there, My life ain’t complete with my soulmate, blah, blah, and blah. People treat searching for the soulmate as a necessity in life. You can’t eat, breathe, or use the bathroom without having one.  As corny as this sounds, you are the soulmate you’re looking for. Your mate is suppose to enhance your life, not give it CPR.

Let me reiterate, it’s nothing wrong with having standards when it comes to dating and relationships and you should not lower them just to get out of Club Lonely. However, having unrealistic dating expectations will make you a lifetime member of Club Lonely and probably on the “Bitter Board of Directors.”  With that said, take a chance on someone who have some of the qualities you’re looking for. Happy Dating!

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