Keyshia Cole Versus V103: Were You Wifey Material?

What do you get when a radio personality asks the wrong question during an interview with a celebrity going through marriage problems? You get cursed out by the celebrity of course.

Yesterday, singer Keyshia Cole did a phone-in interview with Atlanta radio station V103 morning show host Ryan Cameron and Wanda Smith to discuss her new singles, the upcoming album, and of course, her troubled marriage. The interview seemed to be going semi-well until Wanda Smith asked Keyshia a question that touch the nerve: “Do you think you were wifey material?”  I can hear the record scratch.

Appalled by the question, Keyshia immediately starts clowning. Wanda then tries to explains her question because in so many words, Keyshia’s career may have played a role in the troubled marriage. This of course, pisses Keyshia off more, she ends the interview, and goes on a Twitter tandrum.

Listen to the interview below, starting after the song.

So Jimmie, what’s your thought?  My thought is I really believe the question could’ve been worded differently. Celebrity or not, anyone going through relationship problems are very vulnerable and anything insinuating they are the blame will set them off. Maybe I’m on Keyshia’s side because I’m not a fan of Ryan Cameron’s Morning Show, however I do understand Keyshia’s point of view.

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