Ledisi Explains The Truth

One of my favorite singers, Ledisi, dropped her new album last week, The Truth, shocking most her fans with more club-friendly and sexier tracks than her previous albums. Proving that being natural can be sexy, Ledisi explains her new sound, the sexier image, and why you never paid attention to her sensual songs.

In an interview for Essence magazine, Ledisi explains what makes her latest album different from her previous efforts.

“With Soulsinger, I was figuring it out. I was just saying whatever I wanted to say and I’m still saying whatever I want to say but with more finesse. Even in my sensuality. I am comfortable in my skin now. I’m not unsure and trying to figure it out. I don’t care what you think anymore. I want to do what I want to do. There’s too many other generations and too many other people I have to reach out to as an artists to grab. By the end of my body of work, when God says it’s time for you to go, come home with me…GREAT! Did I complete all my bodies of work? Did everybody get the Ledisi that they love? Alright, I’ll see y’all later. I have to keep reaching out to other audiences. That’s why The Truth is uptempto. That’s why The Truth is me because I’m okay with my lane. Soulsinger I was not. I was like “love me, please accept me.” I didn’t even have a style. Now I have my own style. I’m still natural. I’m still me. I love myself,  I love my sensuality, and being a woman. My curves and whatever I wanna do. And my label let’s me do it. I came from the independent world doing whatever and now I’m in this mainstream world doing whatever. And I’m going to keep changing and evolving as a person because I’m a person and that’s what we do,” explains Ledisi.

She also explains why she’s has always been sexy with her music but why we may have never paid attention to it.

Ledisi states, “I’ve been doing sexy songs – Lost & Found. Go back to the recordings and listen to the lyrics. You only heard the voice, you didn’t see the image with it and now that you see the image you’re going ‘Whoa.’ Excuse me now I was sexy before. I was sexy on Pieces Of Me, Lost & Found, Soulsinger, Turn Me Loose.”

I love Ledisi’s new image and her new sound. Although I don’t see anything wrong with her slow songs because she has put out some of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard in awhile, I love the fact the Ledisi just wanted to hear her songs in the clubs occasionally.

Music fans have to realize that artists have to continue to grow artistically and not keeping doing the same types of song over and over again. I wish most male R&B singers would learn that concept but I digress. With that said, Ledisi keep doing your thing.

Check out Ledisi’s David Letterman performance and share your thoughts below.