Post 102: Whats The 411 with GrabYaJimmie

I can’t believe this is the 102nd post on my blog.I also can’t believe GrabYaJimmie is six months old already. It’s amazing what you can accomplish while being stranded in the house during two Snowpacolypes (Snowpacolypse 2014:The Aftermath). The very first article post was on the twenty anniversary of my favorite rap group Outkast debut album,Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and their then-upcoming reunion tour(The Return of the Original ATLiens). Since that post, the group has been booked to perform at several concerts and festivals, including one at Centennial Park. Too bad I don’t have a fairy godmother that could bestow me with tickets but I guess I’ll just wait for someone to post the concert on YouTube.

Initially, GrabYaJimmie was a celebrity blog. Cliche’, cliche’, cliche’. How many black celebrity blogs does the universe need, especially by black gays?. Between your B.Scotts, Funky Dinevas, Drama Duprees,Skorpions,and the straight girls, black celebrity blogs are like a Waffle House in Atlanta..its a least three on every corner.  And to be quite honest, I immediately got bored by posting articles on celebrities that I really didn’t give a fuck about nor do they give a fuck about me. I knew I wanted to blog about something deeper. My “Grandmother in blogging”, the legendary Drama Dupree, offered the following advice, “Blog about what you love and the readers will come.” I’m sure that was kid-friendly version I paraphrased because Grandma Dupree is always cursing me out but I love and appreciate her nonetheless.

Taken Dupree’s advice, I slowly began to blog about what I love: sex, relationships, sex, life experiences, sex, pop culture, and did I mention sex. This decision was validated when I hosted my first Kocktails and Konversations event a few months ago with my closest male friends(sidenote, I will no longer use Kocktails and Konversation as this event’s name due to the overuse of the title). During that event, we’ve talked about everything from oral sex to sharing finances with your lover. After receiving positive reviews in regards to the event, specifically how I was able to make everyone comfortable about discussing their sexuality, I knew that my blog had to undergo a reinvention. Goodbye celebrity blogging, hello to “reality” blogging.

Another factor in this blog reinvention is my ability to give excellent advice. And by excellent, honest without judgment advice.You know you give excellent advice when your mom calls and asks for your opinion. On the average, I received at least two text messages per week asking for my advice. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything however I believe that my life experiences will inspire others. Also I begin to get reacquainted with the coaching of Iyanla Vanzant and trying to fix my own life, I believe that’s important for me to share the knowledge of what I’ve learned and use it to help others.

As I was getting into “Reality” blogging, I had to “research” other blogs who technically discuss  the same shit as I do: Juan and Gee, Ronald Matters, Xem VanAdams, and Benji Irby. I will admit, I became discouraged(and lowkey a hater) because these dudes have been blogging for years and I’m just a new kid on the block. What would make me stand out amongst these bloggers. Expressing my concerns with “Father in Blogging”, WhatsTheT formerly of, Tony from the Electrik Circus or the Elecktrik Company or whatever he calls himself this week,  and my good friend Chad. Their advice, “Even though the story has been told, no one has told your interpretation of the story. What would MJB do?”  Shady bitches. They know damn well I love me some Mary Jane Blige Isaacs. However, they have a valid point.

My blogging style is inspired by MJB. Like most gay men, I admire women who not only embodies empowerment and think outside of the box, but also not afraid to showcase their sexuality. Additionally, I also admire women who broke barriers in a “straight” male-dominated society. My music of choice has been always been hip-hop. I grew up listening to and admiring not only MJB,  but also Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Total, SWV, MC Lyte, Roxanne Shante, Salt-N-Pepa and Trina. My mom once joked that if I was a girl, I would’ve probably been a female  rapper(insert side eye). I also grew up listening to my parents, aunts, and uncles blues records, specifically Millie Jackson and Denise LaSalle. All these legendary women are ground breakers and not afraid to speak their mind. When it comes to discussing sex and being outspoken, its still taboo in Black community, gays and straight. I’ve describe myself as a mixture of Millie, Kim, Foxy, Trina, and Mary, I believe in being uncensored, unrestricted, and unapologetic about the topics of my choosing. Hate it or love it, I’m being true to who I am. Right Mary.

The main objective of my blog is very simple: before we can make “love work” with someone else, we have to make love work within ourselves.  It’s time to let go of the past so we can be prepared for our future. It’s time to be accountable for some of the past shit that occurred in previous relationships. Aren’t you tired of being the sad bitch amongst your circle? My blog is about learning from your past mistakes and using those lessons in the present tense. It’s all about enjoying life. Life is journey and I’m looking forward to the excursion.

With that said, I want to thank all my friends, followers, family, fellow bloggers, and prospective readers for supporting me and Establishing this blog has been dream come true to me. Lord knows, I didn’t realize blogging is hard work but I do believe the hard work will pay off. Stay tuned as I get prepared to take to the next level. You down with me or nah?

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