Queen B Preggers

Pictures have surfaced on the world wide web(I just wanted to say that) of a pregnant Lil’ Kim. The Queen Bee has confirmed that she is six months pregnant at an event for New York Fashion Week.

Now that is the Notorious K.I.M. is becomingĀ  a mommy, I wonder will she turn down her hardcore music and how longĀ  will it take for Kim to proclaim that she was the first female rapper to get pregnant? (Wha! Wha!)

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Did you just say “I wonder if she will turn down her hardcore music” ? Mmm when was it turn on, turntup, hell tuned up this lady hasn’t released a rap cd since that mix tape and before that it felt like a decade, the only reason she has remained revelant is because of her beef with Nicki Minaj (who is nominated for the 2014 coon of the year award for Looking as Nigga.), botched plastic surgery and now she is pregnant.