Sleazy & Zino Bistro: Where Ratchet is a Specialty

This week, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta(LHHATL) stars and resident cartoon characters, Stevie J and Benzino, opened their new Atlanta restaurant, named Sleazy & Zino Bistro & Bar (insert side eye here).  And of course, the restaurant opening will be featured in the upcoming season of LHHATL.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would  VH1 waste tape and production to film a restaurant opening?” I say to you, ” You must not watch the show.”  According to my home girl, Straight From The A, Ratchedness was in the building and of course, she turnt it out. According to Straight From The A (I love this blog btw), glasses was thrown. lace fronts were snatched, and no ass injection was safe. This is the part of the program where you may insert any cast member at this time.

My real question, “Who in the hell told Benzino and Stevie J to open a restaurant?” First off, celebrity-themed restaurants DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT  have a long shelf life in Atlanta. Ya’ll remember Jermaine Dupri’s restaurant? What about Ludacris’ Chinese Bistro? I can answer the question for you. No, you don’t remember them because they didn’t last long enough to have a lasting impression.

Secondly, I would be scared to eat or drink anything from the restaurant. Can you imagine the menu items: upscale beans & weenies, crab legs, and chicken(head) wings? And the server calling you, “Bitch” every sixty seconds? Not here for that.

I wish these two much success with this restaurant and hopefully, they will be able to break the “Celebrity Restaurant” curse. However, they should’ve  just opened a titty bar and called it day.

Share your thoughts and menu ideas below.



  1. Café Dupree used to be my spot for a minute. Hence the term minute because that’s about how long it lasted lol!