Update: F**k Off Chipotle

As you may remember, I told you about Chipotle was suing singer Frank Ocean for $215k for not committing to do a commercial for the restaurant(see No Chipotle For Frank). Well here’s an update. I’m happy to report that Frank Continue reading Update: F**k Off Chipotle

No Chipotle For Frank

Frank Ocean will not be getting a Chipotle Carnita Burrito Bowl no time soon. According to several news outlets, the singer is being sued by the restaurant for $215k due to commercial that Frank allegedly never finished. Side note: why Continue reading No Chipotle For Frank

Everybody Hates Frank

Frank Ocean seems to be causing trouble in MusicWorld. First, some rappers will no longer collaborate with the Grammy Award winning singer because he’s bisexual(more on that later). Now, he’s being sued for paying homage to the Queen of Hip-Hop Continue reading Everybody Hates Frank