THROWBACK THURSDAY: Showgirls Appreciation Day

I will admit this and please don’t judge me, but Showgirls is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not because it had such Oscar Award winning performance because let’s be honest, watching paint dry has better acting. However, that is exactly why I love it.

Released in 1995, Showgirls was suppose to be the breakout role starring Elizabeth Berkley aka Jessie Spano from the teen show, Save By the Bell.  The movie also starred Gina Gershon and a plethora of potential actors whose careers was halted due to starring in the movie.  Oh it also had that black guy that looks like Bobby Brown in it but even if knew his name, you wouldn’t know who he is anyway.

Based on the website of IMDB, here is the plot of the movie:

Nomi Malone(Berkeley) , a mysterious young girl with the ambition to dance embarks on a journey to Las Vegas to become a showgirl in a high-class hotel show. There she meets Molly(Faye from the movie Soul Food), a seamstress at the Stardust Hotel and the two quickly become good friends. She gets a job as a lap dancer at the seedy Cheetah Club but after a chance meeting with Cristal Connors(Gershon), the star of Goddess, the current show at the hotel where Molly works, Nomi manages to secure an audition for a spot on the chorus line.However she soon realizes that fame comes with a price as her friendships, her morals and her soul are put to the test as she works her way up the ladder and eventually becomes the star of the show, stealing Cristal’s part. She begins to wonder if all of her work was for nothing and if she can reclaim her life back before it is too late.


My version of the plot: Jessie Spano leaves Bayside High School changes her name to Nomi Malone and goes to Las Vegas. As Nomi Malone, Jessie graduates from being a tramp to being a slut to being a whore. Along her journey from leaving tramphood for whoredom, she discovers a black girl named Molly because let’s be real, how many black girls do we know named Molly. Jessie discovers Versase(not Versace), her love for brown rice and vegetables, and disrespecting her acrylic nails will make her pop off.

Miley Cyrus needs to pay homage to the original white girl of twerk, Jessie Spano aka Nomi Malone. After all, Jessie Spano rhythmlessly twerked  her ass from Bayside to the Cheetah Club to being the headliner as Vegas Act.

One of the biggest flops in movie history, Showgirls went on to become a cult classic among the gays and any little girl having the dream of becoming a stripper.  Did ya’ll know that Showgirls 2 was in development where Jessie Spano leaves Las Vegas for Hollywood?  Of course after the movie flopped, they said “Let’s explore other options.” However, the popularity of Showgirls have turned the movie in to a musical(insert side eye here) and paved the way for the male version, Magic Mike, starring Channing Tatum aka White Chocolate.

After all, Showgirls had some life lessons in there somewhere. One life lesson I learned from the move is every good girl has slut-like tendencies and will pelvic thrust their to the top. Who said all life lessons were positive.

Check out the official trailer of Showgirls below and share your thoughts below.