Expert Jogger Epic Fall

While many of us stay our asses in the house when bad weather strikes, i.e. snowstorms and tornadoes, it’s always those faithful joggers who will jog their asses off like weather conditions don’t phase them. Well Motha’ Nature shows one jogger that she will be punished for not staying her ass in the house.

Meet Michael and Chelsea of Portland, Oregon. While jogging through snow and ice, Chelsea and Michael was interviewed by a local news reporter asking the couple why were out jogging in such horrible conditions. Chelsea, “the expert jogger,” explains to the cameras,” Ice and snow is the perfect texture for running.”  Check out the video for how Motha Nature played Chelsea at the 1:22 mark.

Yes, Chelsea fell right on her little fanny. Motha’ Nature had to remind Chelsea that ice is slippery(duh!) and Chelsea should’ve stayed her ass in the house like Motha’ Nature wanted her too.

Lucky, Chelsea wasn’t hurt but let this be a warning to all joggers. When its bad weather, stay your ass in the house.

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