Peter Thomas Gets a Spinoff?

As many fans on social media have speculated, Peter Thomas of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has officially become the new housewife. Nah, I’m joking. However rumor has it that he is currently filming a pilot for his spinoff. According Continue reading Peter Thomas Gets a Spinoff?

Porsha’s Consolation Prize

The internet is buzzing and I can hear Kenya Moore cackling about the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta rumor, starring Porsha Williams aka the one who didn’t know the Underground Railroad didn’t involve actual trains. According to TMZ, Porsha’s divorce Continue reading Porsha’s Consolation Prize

Tami Roman Gets Her Own Empire

One of my favorite Reality TV stars, Tami Roman, announced this week she is currently shooting a pilot for her own show, Roman Empire, for VH1. I guess Tami said if its not broke, don’t try to fix it. According Continue reading Tami Roman Gets Her Own Empire

Another Kenya Moore Stunt Gone Wrong

Another Kenya Moore fairytale has been exposed, this time by the organization mention in this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Saving Our Daughters. According to the organization’s website, Save Our Daughters were unaware of any honor for NeNe Continue reading Another Kenya Moore Stunt Gone Wrong

Grammy’s Recap: GrabYaJimmie Style

Unless you’ve been under a rock or your illegal wi-fi was temporarily shut off, the 2014 Grammy Awards aired last Sunday. The Granny Awards, as we will call them, was another less than spectacular offering unless you are apart of Continue reading Grammy’s Recap: GrabYaJimmie Style