Grammy’s Recap: GrabYaJimmie Style

465278475-600x450Unless you’ve been under a rock or your illegal wi-fi was temporarily shut off, the 2014 Grammy Awards aired last Sunday. The Granny Awards, as we will call them, was another less than spectacular offering unless you are apart of the AARP crowd with many artists being snubbed or India.Aire’d.

I’m going to keep 100 with you: I didn’t watch the whole ceremony especially after Blue Ivy’s parents opened the show up with Drunk In Love, so if you really want the whole commentary on the Granny’s, you may exit stage left.  However, I will give you the highlights of what I did see.

Opening the show was Blue Ivy’s mother and father, Beyonce’ and Jay-Z. Social media(i.e. stans) had mixed reviews of the performances, mostly saying they were underwhelmed by the performance or they were not feeling the Ramen Noodle/Wet Dog(their words, not mine) look that King Bey was rocking. I honestly think they were mad that she didn’t have the usual wind machine, long weave, and her gang of dancers that Bey is known for.  The performance was cute but I wasn’t really expecting Bey to sling across the stage to “Drunk in Love” being that is a sexual song. After the performance, I turned the channel to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Other performance that I did enjoy, actually watched, wasn’t for the geriatric and the retired, were Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragon’s performance and old school vintage set of Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, and Legendary Stevie Wonder.

The most uplifting performance  of the night belong to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, along with Queen Latifah and Madonna, who was dressed as either Colonel Sanders, a Southern plantation owner, or a country singer, as  they watched a melting pot of couples(gay, straight, interracial) get married to Macklemore’s song, “Same Love.”

Speaking of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, they swept the Rap Category causing an uproar among urban rap fans(lets call it what it is, Black) believing other rappers were worthy of being honored. Here’s the thing urban rap fans, Macklemore had the biggest rap album and singles of 2013. Yes, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole should’ve won a Grammy for best Rap Album and Single respectively,  however requesting links  on Twitter and Facebook to get the bootleg of their album  don’t equal album sales either. If you want your favorite to win, here’s a thought: GO BUY THE DAMN CD!!!

Other big winners of the night were Lorde, Daft Punk, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Pharrell Williams.

Unfortunately,  some the Granny’s multi-nomimees went home empty-handed and were officially inducted to the India. Aire Hall of Fame: being nominated for hella Grammies  and only going home with that evening’s program. Here are some of 2013’s top artists  who the Grannys decided to say to them,  “Nah Girl, your hits weren’t all that.”

Robin Thicke, P!nk, Tamar Braxton, and  Kendrick Lamar had some of the biggest singles, or for most of us, “damn didn’t they just play this song five minutes ago”  singles of 2013 and got India.Aire’d by the Grannys this year. For Robin and P!nk, there is always the BillBoard Awards; for Kendrick and Tamar, the Black People awards are a few months away.

Overall, I am one of the few people that really doesn’t expect much from the Grammys except when it comes to the Urban Categories, especially R&B and Hip-Hop, most likely the winner of those categories are based on who had the biggest selling album, single, or the most obscure person out of all the nominees. With that said, my recap is done.

Share your thoughts on the Grammy Award’s below.What Grammy performance did I miss?


  1. Love Bey but I think that performance was a bit much for the Grammys!