Lil’ Heifers, Divas, and Gays Oh My

I see someone has been watching Got 2B Real on YouTube. Legendary singer and original drag queen, Patti LaBelle recently did an interview with Detroit’s LBGT publication, Pridesource where she shared her thoughts on the new generation of divas and her status as a gay icon.

Everyone loves a good read. Grandma Patti, as I love to call her, says don’t call her a diva because she does not want to be in the same category as the new generation. Here is what Patti says about the new girls.

“All these little heifers who can’t sing are called divas! It doesn’t mean anything to me and probably to some of the other ladies who have been doing it for as long as I have: Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick. You know, I’m speaking for me – I don’t know if they like to be called divas – but I know I wouldn’t call them divas, because it’s not in good company,”


Although Grandma Patti does not name anyone in particular, after all she is the team captain of  Team Class,  I can only imagine who are these little heifers she’s speaking of. Thanks to social media and Stan Wars, every new artist is “legendary.” “iconic, or “epic” without proving their longevity in the music industry, having a catalog of songs, or at least having talent to back it up. Patti goes on to say the word “diva” ain’t cute anymore and the term is use very loosely these days.

The interview also discusses the first time she discovered her gay fan base  huge gay base and how she felt about it.

“I’ve been in this business for maybe 51 years, and so I think 50 years ago. (Laughs) The first year I wasn’t sure, but the second year of performing I got this love – I mean, great love – from my gay fans. I always questioned, “Why do they love me? Why do they really, really give a damn about Patti LaBelle?” And I think it’s because I’m such a free spirit and such a drag queen, really, myself. The original drag queen.”

That explains why she continues to roll on the floor, kick off her shows, and wear wigs because she’s “one of the girls.”  Whether she’s frying chicken, making macaroni and cheese, outsinging everyone on stage, or getting these young hoes together, Grandma Patti is a diva in my book.

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