When Hooking Up With Trade Goes Wrong-Update

Picture this: you log on to one of your favorite hook-up sites and you see a dude that gets your nature rising. You send him a message, he responds. You both are extremely horny and ya’ll agree to hook up tonight. Moments later, the piece shows up and your body begins to tingle with excitement. You begin to peel off your clothes and so does your piece, however you get an unexpected surprise. Instead of your piece pulling out his dick, his pulls out a gun and begins to rob you of all your shit. That’s what exactly happen to a guy in Philadelphia.

An unknown Canadian tourist alleges he was raped, beaten, and robbed by a man he met off the gay hook-up site, Grindr. According to new reports, the horny Canadian hit up the alleged attacker looking for sex and invited him to his hotel room. Once the potential sex partner arrives,  the Canadian alleges the man pulls a gun out, began to beat, rape, and robs of him of all of his money. Then at gun point, the Canadian was allegedly kidnapped and forced to buy several Visa gift cards, withdraw money from several ATM machines, and then went to a bar where the Canadian was able to break free.

According to Philadelphia police, the suspect is 26 year old Douglas Casey AKA Douglas Spady. According to news sources, Casey has a long rap sheet for doing stunts and shows: convictions for writing bad checks, forgery, and computer theft. Allegedly, Casey was just released from jail for forgery.  I’m assuming that ol’ Doug got tired of doing stunts and decided to graduate to violent crimes.

This is a prime example of why you have to be careful of who you meet from hook-up sites, that includes myself. Each time you meet someone of a hook-up site, you put yourself at risk of becoming a victim of violent crime, not less being Catfished. However, you should not think every person you meet is going to rob you but take precaution. Happy Hooking Up.


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