Porsha’s Consolation Prize

The internet is buzzing and I can hear Kenya Moore cackling about the latest Real Housewives of Atlanta rumor, starring Porsha Williams aka the one who didn’t know the Underground Railroad didn’t involve actual trains.

According to TMZ, Porsha’s divorce settlement with former football player Kordell Stewart did not end in the fairytale as she hoped. Allegedly Porsha walks way with(drum roll please)….absolutely nothing. That’s right children, Porsha’s gets nada. Just to think, her insinuations about Kordell’s sexuality on the show just went in vain. Let’s blame Peter for this turn of events.

However just for showing up in divorce court, Porsha received  a consolation prize..she gets to keep the engagement ring Kordell gave her.  Not wedding ring. but the engagement ring. I say pawn that shit ASAP, no Rocky.

Since Porsha is not guaranteed to receive any alimony, I’m sure she’s going to work extra hard on her acting career and slinging her brand new Brazilian wig line to make some income. If all else fails, she better make her reunion appearance extra juicy since most fans of RHOA believes she’s on the chopping block to be cut from the show. Good luck Porsha.

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