Dying for A Bigger Penis

I understand that some people are not happy with what God gave them and I accept that. I don’t see nothing wrong with getting minor enhancements as long as you don’t look like a Jackson or Lil’ Kim. However, I am totally against people being pumped with peanut butter, caulking glue, or Fix-A-Flat just to get bigger lips, ass, or boobs. Usually transsexuals and women were known attendees of pumping parties as they’re called, however it seems like men are getting pumped in their penis at these parties as well.

Take 22 year old Justin Street  from Newark, New Jersey for example. Looking to have a bigger penis, Justin attended one of these illegal pump parties and he got his penis injected with some unknown substance. Little did Justin know, his desire to have a bigger dick cost him his life. The lady doing the pumping, Kasia Rivera, was charged with manslaughter for his death.

Ya’ll remember that old saying, never judge a book by its cover. Well by looking at Kasia and other Pump Party Professionals, you might want to judge and leave that book at the library. Girlfriend even had the audacity to pass out business cards and flyers to promote her parties at clubs. Where do they do that at?

Learn to love what Mother Nature gave you. Or at least save your money to go to a real plastic surgeon. Selling food stamps in exchange for ass shots ain’t worth it. Plus why you want to look worst than you already are. Think about that.

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