Will the Real Magic City Please Stand Up?

Sometimes, imitation is a form of flattery. However, damn near stealing may result in a lawsuit. This is the case with two strips clubs with the same name in different cities.

Magic City in Atlanta is currently suing Magic City in Chicago for not only using the famous (or infamous) strip club’s name to promote their business but also giving off the illusion of being affiliated with original Magic City.  Who knew strip clubs could become a franchise like a McDonald’s or Subway but what do I really know about business?

According to TMZ, the Atlanta owners believes the Chicago club is not only confusing their customers but also cheapening the strip club’s brand. Based on the multitudes of celebrities that visit Atlanta’s strip clubs in general, I don’t see how customers will get confused but I do see their point.

Now let’s get back into franchising strip clubs. I hope no one steals my idea.

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