Tami Roman Gets Her Own Empire

One of my favorite Reality TV stars, Tami Roman, announced this week she is currently shooting a pilot for her own show, Roman Empire, for VH1. I guess Tami said if its not broke, don’t try to fix it.

According to a recent article in The Chicago Tribune, Tami states she is focusing on developing a storyline for the show so that her fans will continue to tune. As a fan of Tami, I believe the show should focus on her different business ventures and her life after the soon-to-be-canceled Basketball Wives but this only a suggestion.

As one of the cast members of the original reality show, The Real World(does that show still comes on), Tami also describes the differences in film that show and Basketball Wives.  “When we did Real World it was really real. Every room had a camera and every time we left the house we were followed by cameras. It caught moments in real time as they played out for six months. With Basketball Wives, you have a shooting schedule and know who will be in scenes with you and what you’ll talk about: ‘Tami and Evelyn, how do you feel about Jenn (Williams)?’ (The shows) are completely different. Worlds apart,” states Tami.

Out of all the characters on Basketball Wives, Tami is the only character that is worth rooting for. Despite her aggressive manor, she has likeable personality that works for entertainment and keep viewers tuning in each week. With that said, Basketball Wives has run its course and for all the ladies, you don’t want be reaching menopause fighting each other over craziness: that’s what Real Housewives of Atlanta is for. Its time to move on.

Just because I felt like hearing it, check out the clip below from one of my favorite scenes of the Real World. So 1990s: when Reality TV was actually real.

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