The Number One Rap Song of All Times…

According the music industry bible, Billboard Magazine, the number rap song of all times is…drum rolls please..”Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis(*insert shocked facial expression*).

So MC Hammer laid off Oaktown’s 357 for nothing. Vanilla Ice didn’t get bullied by Suge Knight for this. Drake didn’t stan over Aaliyah not to get this honor.

“Thrift Shop”, according to Billboard because it spent 15 weeks on the magazine’s Rap Charts. As an avid rap fan, as corny as that song was, I will admit “Thrift Shop” was constantly on pop radio. And by constantly, I mean they played the song at least every sixty seconds. Just to make you urban rap fans more upset, Macklemore also has the number 4 rap song of all times, with “Can’t Hold Us Down”. Damn you hipsters!

Drake was named Billboard’s Top Rap Artist of all times, tallying thirteen number one songs on the Rap Charts. See whining does gets you somewhere in life.

Now before you rap fans get upset and debate, Billboard based these results on 25 years since the first Rap Chart was created in 1989. So to cheer you up, I am going to leave you with the number two rap song of all times, spending seven weeks at number one and 65 weeks on the rap charts…

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