I Want You In My Sex Dream:Sex Dreams Decoded

Warning: The following article is filled with adult content, fornication, and debauchery. If these things are totally against your religion, I completely understand. Thank you for tuning in but this article ain’t for you. I’m sure “The Minions Bootleg” and “Sunday’s Best” is right up your alley. For those of you who aren’t easily offended, this bud’s for you.

When was the last time you had a sex dream? I’m not talking the “wet dreams” we had as teenage boys when we attempted to hide our nut-stained bedsheets and underwear from our mothers. I’m talking about that good ole’ nasty freaky sex dream that was so good that it woke you up out of your sleep because it felt so real(OOHH WEEE!!!!!).

One sex dream that had me checking my sheets for wet spots was a dream involving on of my good friends. This dream, admittedly, fucked me up for minute but at same damn time I was like “that shit was hot.” Hell, it is in spunk bank for later references.

Picture it: I’m in a club with dimmed blue lights illuminating across the room and the smooth sounds of Ty Dolla $ign is serenading us in the background.(Yes, I dream in color and sound). I’m sitting in VIP, puffing on an e-hookah pen and sipping the brown juice(aka dark liquor) with my button up partially opened. Through the clouds of smoke, I notice a silhouette of a shirtless semi-thick but short dude gyrating his hips to rhythm of the song, wearing skimpy shorts and a face mask.

The smoke slowly began to disappear but I’m still mesmerize by Mr. Anonymous. Beads of sweat began to trickle off his erect nipples and flow into happy trail on his stomach. Aroused, I walked up to Dude¬† and started dancing(okay grinding) on him.

I placed my hands on dude’s waist and slowly peeled his skimpy shorts off him to reveal one of the nicest asses I’ve seen in a long time. His ass had a peach-ish quality like the ones I would pick from my great-grandma’s peach tree: nice, firm, plump, fuzzy, and definitely worth getting hit with a switch for.

Standing completely nude except his A.D.I.D.A.S.(All Day I Dream About Sex) sneakers and face mask, dude turned around and kiss me on lips, caress my nipples and dick, and whispered to me the infamous words of Ty Dollar $ign, “Can I ride that dick or nah?”

Moments later, dude and I commenced on doing the wild thing like we were making a porno flick(this is the part of the program where you can use your vivid imagination..lol). After we both climaxed, dude finally took of his face mask off, revealing his identity.¬† The person I was having this amazing sex with drum rolls please…not my ex, not someone I had a crush on, not even someone I have fantasized about, but my one of my good friends.

I woke up screaming in horror but slightly curious about this dream. What did it mean? Am I attracted to my friend? Should we be fucking in the very near future? Is that what he looks like naked? (Yess Gawd!!!!).

To satisfy my curiosity, I immediately do what most wannabe scholars and psychiatrists do..went straight to Google. I wanted to know the meaning of this and other sex dreams. After reading several articles, I was surprised to discover that sex dreams aren’t even about sex at all(record scratch, Microsoft computer freeze).

According to the website, Everyday Health, sex dreams isn’t about the act of sex or being sexually attracted to the person at all. It’s more about admiring a personal trait about that particular person that you recognize in yourself but have yet to fully develop. Those people can include a celebrity, someone of the same-sex, a friend’s current partner, or your boss. We all have people that we admire either closely or from afar and with sex being such an intimate act, sex dreams help us explore what we desire within ourselves.

Thinking about my friend in the sex dream. I have always admired their positive outlook on life, spontaneity, leadership skills, and confidence: qualities that I will admittedly lack at times and have desired to have more of. The sex represents the closeness of our friendship not sexual attraction.

Now that we know what sex dreams mean, there is no need for the awkward moments with your friends. You just admiring their personality or other qualities that you see in yourself. However, if you are secretly in love with your friend and never expressed that attraction to them…that sex dream is exactly what it is: a sex dream with someone you lusting after. Imagine that.

What are you thoughts on sex dreams? Who was in your sex dream and what was the sex dream about? Share your story and thoughts below.