Jiggaboos & Wannabees 25 Years Later: School Daze Part 2

Ever wonder did Rachel and Dap get married? Whatever happened to Half-Pint after he cross Gamma Phi Gamma? Did the Gamma Rays retired those dry 80s weaves?  Hopefully we will soon find out.

Over the weekend, film director Spike Lee announced he finished writing the script to the long-awaited sequel to his classic movies from the 80s, School Daze(one of my all time favorite movies, btw).

According to Spike, the sequel will be set 25 years later on Mission College, where Dap is now the university’s president. Spike says that will depend if Laurence Fishburne is “booked” or not.  Spike also states the film will also tackle some social issues from the original(the light skin vs dark skin debate), but also discuss hazing and homophobia.

If you grew up in the 80s, like myself, School Daze  and the TV show A Different World influenced most of us to either attend a Historically Black College or University, pledge a Greek organization, or both. Today’s entertainment does not focus on Black education like they did back in the late 80s and early 90s. Hopefully, the younger generation will go out and see the update or at least watch the original.

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