X-Factor Gets Deported

After three disappointing seasons, Fox recently announced the cancellation of the singing competition show, The X-Factor: USA. The announcement came right after show creator/judge/accelerated reader Simon Cowell announced that he was leaving the show to refocus on the original X-Factor in the United Kingdom. Simon must have realized the United States version of the show was as dull as watching ice melt in glass and evaporating.

The cancellation comes to no surprise to me or to anyone who actually watched the show. The U.S. version did not have the X-factor at all, especially after the first season. The first season had semi-well known judges as Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Pussycat Doll leader singer(okay, only singer) Nicole However-you-pronounce-her-lastname (catch it!). The first season also had star quality contestants like Marcus Canty, the white version of Lyfe Jennings, and baby Marsha Ambrosius, Rachel Crowe. Britney (It’s Britney Bitch!!) Spears couldn’t help improve rating in the second season. The final season was basically the Special Olympics with less than known judges plus Kelly Rowland.

In comparison to The Voice and that other Fox Show that is currently on life support, American Idol, X-Factor truly did not have the contestants that viewers would root for. Competition shows are like The Hunger Games: no matter how talented you are, if people don’t root for you, you will not survive. No one cares who actually wins the X-Factor because let’s be honest, we don’t remember who actually wins in any of these competitions.

R.I.P. to X-Factor: USA. You never got a chance to produce a single superstar in the US like you did in the UK. No Leona Lewis. No One Direction. Not even the popularity of Britney or Kelly was able to save the show. Not even the shade of L..A. Reid. Khloe Kardashian as the co-host on the second season didn’t gave any viewers. Viewers also determined that last season’s host Mario Lopez was better to be seen naked and not speak at all(no personality at all but sexy). With that said, check out the most memorable moments of the show in the form of gifs.



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  1. good riddance the show has got consistently bad over the 3 seasons now its time to chop off American Idol, FOX!