Yo Jimmie, My Boyfriend Wants to Record Me Having Sex With His Homie

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For this month’s edition of “Yo Jimmie, Fix My Life”, we have a reader whose boyfriend is not only asking him to bust it open for the Vine(do people still use that?) but also want him to have sex with the boyfriend’s homeboy.  Like always, I will try my damndest to give you my opinion and it is entirely up to you to follow my advice. Remember, if you have questions or need advice, just like this reader, you can hit me up on Twitter(@grabyajimmie), Facebook(Grabyajimmiedotcom), or email with the subject line, “Yo Jimmie” (jimmievalentino@gmail.com). You will remain anonymous but your question will be answered on the blog.

Hi  Jimmie,

I’m in dire need of your advice.  I’ve been with my boyfriend for about five months and we’re already have a disagreement. This disagreement involves my boyfriend and his best friend. My boyfriend not only wants us to make a sex tape, but he also wants to record me having sex with best friend. On top of all that, he wants to post this video on Tumblr for the whole world to see.

Keep in mind, I barely want to create a sex tape with my boyfriend with just two us. I for damn sure do not want to create one with his best friend. Not that his best friend is ugly, I’m just not attracted to him and I respect my boyfriend enough not to sleep with any of his friends.  

At least once a week, my boyfriend pressures me to make this tape and I’ve constantly tell him no. The pressure has gotten so bad that my boyfriend has attempted to get me drunk and high so I will let down my guard and participate in a “random” threesome with his homeboy.

I love my boyfriend and I’m willing to do almost anything for him.  To me, love making is supposed to be private, intimate, and not for the whole world to see.  However, my boyfriend has made videos with his exes and posted those videos online. However, I don’t want to feel pressured to do something that  I do not want to do.  Jimmie, what should I do?-I Better Not Catch This Flick On XTube

I Better Not Catch This Flick On XTube,

First things first: Yass for the Mariah Carey Touch My Body anonymous name. Sorry for queening out. And where are the links to these videos? Just playing.

In the words of Destiny’s Child or Meghan Trainor, keep telling your boyfriend no, no, & no. No you don’t want to make a sex tape. No you don’t want to fuck his friend.  And no you don’t want to be recorded fucking his friend.  If he can’t take no for an answer, he could exit stage left.

Call me old school, but when did posting and making sex tapes(for free) become a thing?  Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional jack off video and classy but sexy porn scene. However, I don’t get the whole 6-10 seconds of horrible jack rabbit sex with ashy ass dicks  and 101 Dalmatians spotted asses video postings. I would rather watch an XL, Mr. Cali, and Ty Lattimore(if you’re old school) video. That’s just my personal preference.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in spicing up your relationship. However, it’s only been five months and your relationship shouldn’t need that much spice for a sextape or a menage with the homeboy. If you’re relationship already needs “spice” after five months, maybe this relationship isn’t for you.

The other issue at hand. Your boyfriend tried to date rape you? GTFOH. If he’s trying to get you drunk, high, or whatever without your consent, that is considered rape. To me, his actions are clear signs that your “boyfriend” doesn’t respect you.

Stand your ground and stay firm to your values. If your boyfriend loves and respects you like you say he does, he would not pressure you to do anything that would harm you, but also your relationship. However, I don’t think your dude loves or respect you(or any relationship for that matter). You should not compromise yourself just to be “bae’d up.”

If you’re boyfriend will not take no as an answer and continues to pressure you to go against your values, he should no longer be the man in your life. He better call Becky With the Good Hair if he’s so gunho on making a sextape with his homeboy.  I wish you much luck and thank you for writing.

What is the one thing you will not do for your lover and why not? Share your story below. If you have questions or need advice, you can hit me up on Twitter(@grabyajimmie), Facebook(Grabyajimmiedotcom), or email with the subject line: “Yo Jimmie”(jimmievalentino@gmail.com).