Yo Jimmie, My Dude Puts His Female Friend’s Needs Before Mine.

Wassup Jimmie,

I’ve been kicking it with this dude for about two months and everything is going fine, except for one thing..his female friend.

Jimmie, let me tell you. His female friend calls him for everything including asking him to pick up Tampons from the store when she’s on her period. Guess what he’ll do? Stop everything that he’s doing to tend to her needs. He even stopped in the middle of our sex session to take her chicken noodle soup and babysit her son because she was too sick to do so. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

I asked my dude why homegirl doesn’t have a man of her own and the only thing he says  and I quote “I’m the only man in her life right now.” Jimmie, I am really feeling this dude but I don’t wanna compete for his attention. What should I do? -I’m Jealous of His Girlfriend

Dear I’m Jealous of His Girlfriend,

Your name is so appropriate because that’s exactly who homegirl is, your dude’s honorary girlfriend. Not in the sexual sense, but in the “Imma cockblock because I’m not getting none” way. In other words, you may be getting the dick but she’s getting everything else including his time, money, and emotional support. Unfortunately, you can’t compete with his honorary baby mother. After all, she’s his relationship killer and she knows that. After all, I’m sure his previous relationships was killed off because of her.

So what should you do? You should do like the movie Frozen and let it go, let it go instead of asking dude does he want to build snowman with you because its obviously you’re not a priority in his life right now and to be honest, no one will as long as his “baby mother” is around. Hell, you should’ve known you weren’t a priority when he would rather take her ass some chicken noodle soup than have sex with you. Sorry my dear, you don’t stand a chance and you never will. Ya’ll can still be friends though.

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