Dirty South to The Concrete Jungle: Five Things ATliens Need to Know Before Moving to NYC

New York, New York. Big City of Dreams.

Within the last few years, I’ve had many friends leaving Atlanta to make that up north trip to New York City. For some, New York open new opportunities and growth. For others, to start a new life and get rid of their tarnished image they’ve created while in the Dirty South.

Before becoming a transplant in the Big Apple, the good people at Rolling Out, created a list of five things former ATLiens must know and learn before becoming a Brooklynite or Harlemnite.

  1. Save money– New York is one of the most expensive places to live. In Atl, making less that $40K you can ball out. $40K in NYC, you can slum out. Rolling Out saving at least $2,500 before moving to NYC for security deposits, moving expenses, food, etc. I say save at least $2,500 before moving to any new city to be honest.
  2. No more space, literally-In the South, there’s enough room to walk, jog, and do your best Beyonce’ routine. In NYC, kiss your space goodbye. Based on my visits, NYC is crowded than a muthafucka that you really gonna have to learn to liking being crowded spaces. Let’s not even get on the apartments. I won’t depress you with those measurements but let’s just say, if you currently have a walk-in closet, trying sleeping in prior to moving.
  3. Time management-In the South, everyone moves leisurely and even has time to say, “Good morning.” In NYC, no one even has time to say, “Fuck your morning.” If you’re used to the laidbackness(if that’s even a word) of ATL, you can forget it in New York.
  4. Moving Sucks-See #2. Moving sucks regardless of where you’re located however, you’re moving to NYC where it’s too expensive to have a car and you’re trying to find a place to park a big ass truck.
  5. Know who your friends are.-I did mention that you’re probably will not have a car in New York. This will be a great time to use your social media to network with current New Yorkers and learn the ropes.

Personally, I don’t see myself moving to New York but I am planning to move from Atlanta in the near future. New York isn’t for me because I don’t like cold weather and I can’t use its snowing as an excuse for not going to work like in Atlanta. However, good luck to those who of you considering moving to NYC. You’re going to make it after all!!!

If you have moved to NYC from ATL, how was the transition for you? Share your story below.