B. Scott Tells BET It’s Not Over After Case Dismissal

Earlier this week, I posted an article in regards to blogger B. Scott’s lawsuit against BET and how the network made him feel like Miss Sofia from The Color Purple. Well, I’m sure B. Scott feels like Effie White from Dreamgirls after today’s court decision regarding the suit.

According to TMZ, a judge has dismissed the blogger’s lawsuit against the network stating that BET has the 1st amendment right to operate their show how they want to operate it, including telling people what they can wear on their programing. In case you forgot, B. Scott alleges BET discriminated against him for being transgendered by forcing him to change from women’s attire for a more masculine appearance while hosting a pre-show last summer. So in other words, you will wear whatever the hell BET tells you to wear on their network or you may exit stage right.

In response to his case being dismissed, B. Scott states today’s decision sends a wrong message about accepting diversity. He says that he’s disheartened that today’s message wasn’t about acceptance but about it acceptable to discriminate against transgenders because of their identity and gender expression. If you’re passionate about a cause like transphobia, I say start attending rallies, raise awareness, and become a transgendered advocate B. Scott and not let money motivate you to fight.

B. Scott tweeted that this lawsuit is far from over for him.  So he no longer feels like Miss Sofia, he feels like Effie White: The court has told B. Scott the case was over and he says its not over and he’s telling BET he’s not going. There is no way.  No, no, no way he’s letting BET discriminate against him. And you, you, you gonna pay him!

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