Billie Jean’s Son Revealed…Allegedly.

Billie Jean may not had a son by Michael Jackson, however an 80s R&B singer may have.

Brandon Howard, the 31 year old son of R&B  singer Miki Howard(known for song “Love Under New Management”  and her role as one of the hairstylists in Poetic Justice) alleges he is the long lost son of the King of the Pop and he has the DNA test to prove it. Somehow I’m anticipating Maury Povich to do a show on this.

According to TMZ, allegedly Mikey and Miki (as I pictured them as a couple in my head) met in 1982  before the release of the Thriller album when Mikey’s dad, Joe Jackson, was managing Miki. Its unclear if Miki was the “lady of Mikey’s life” or if he just “beat it” for one night because it was “human nature”(I could not help myself, I just “wanna be starting something”..I’m done, I promise).

Although the DNA test has yet to be confirmed, it alleged that Michael is, in the words of Maury, indeed the father. According to Brandon’s multiple YouTube documentaries, the Jackson family is well aware of their relationship.

As of this write up, Brandon aka B. Howard, took to his Facebook to say that he never called TMZ, nor is he suing the Jackson Estate. He also states he’s very well taken care of and he doesn’t need the Jackson money.

Can we all just let Michael Jackson rest in peace or be on the imaginary island with 2PAC. Michael has been deceased for years and it saddens me as a fan to see his legacy to continued to be tarnished by tabloids and legal issues.

SN: For those of you still trying to figure who is MikI Howard, check out the video:


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