CDC: Woman Transmitted HIV to Her Female Lover

Usually when people talk about safe sex and HIV prevention, the target audience consist of participants of straight, bisexual, or man-to-man sexual relationships. However, a recent study from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aka CDC reported that HIV can be transmitted to lesbian sexual partners as well.

According to the CDC, a Texas woman tested positive for the HIV virus after engaging in rough sex with her lesbian partner, who happens to have HIV. The woman says she hasn’t had sex with a man in 10 years and haven’t been involved in other risky activities except having sex with her partner. However during their rough lovemaking would cause both women to bleed in their vaginal areas.

Although lesbians contracted the HIV virus is extremely rare, according to the CDC, however lesbians have a greater chance of catching the virus when having unprotected sex while one or both parties are having their monthly visitor.

Not to sound like an after school special or an episode of Save By the Bell, no matter what type of sex you’re involved in, make sure you keep it safe. And since I am not an expert on lesbian sex and don’t plan on becoming one no time soon, make sure you use condoms on your sex toys especially if you like to have rough sex(no judgment though).

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