Free Remy! Free Remy! Free Remy! No, I’m not talking about the hair, I’m talking about female rapper Remy Ma (remember her). According to several hip-hop blogs, Remy’s husband, New York rapper Papoose, announced last week that Remy will be released from prison this July while he was performing at club in Philadelphia.

Back in 2008, Remy Ma was convicted for allegedly shooting her former best friend in the stomach over stolen money(Damn Remy Ma) and allegedly driving off in a separate vehicle, leaving her best friend to bleed to death. I don’t know about you, but shooting your best friend and leaving them to die is sure sign a friendship is over. The former friend did not die however, she was emotionally and physically scared by the incident.

Known for her hits “Conceited” and “Lean Back” with Terror Squad, it is unknown whether Remy will release new material after she’s released from prison. As one of the most talent female rappers of all time, it’s hard to predict how current rap fans in a Nicki Minaj-Drake World will be receptive to Remy Ma’s hardcore stance. However, I am glad that Remy will be home soon.

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