Justin Bieber Gets The “Colored” Treatment from Neighbors

Before I get into the article, I made a vow to myself not to post anything about Justin Bieber or Bizzle or whatever identity crisis he’s going through these days. However when I saw on the news this morning about his future neighbors plan boycott  him moving into the neighborhood, I could help but laugh and think, Justin is really about to found out what is to be black.  Now onto the article.

A few weeks ago, several media outlets(not mine of course) reported that pop singer Justin Bieber is considering moving back to the current capital of ratchetness,  Atlanta, specifically in the affluent neighborhood of Buckhead. Today, however, Bizzle’s future neighbors decided to boycott, picket, and sign petitions on Facebook to let him know, as one neighbor said on the news, “We do not want his kind in our neighborhood.” Doesn’t that sound familiar?

The neighbors are boycotting based on Bizzle’s recent behavior in the news: the multiple arrests, the egging of the neighbor’s house, and being caught with drugs.  The neighbors believe that Justin’s recent shenanigans will bring their property values down if he decides to move into the quiet sanctuary of a neighborhood. Mind you, living in Atlanta’s city limits have already brought those values down but I digress.

I believe the real issue the neighbors are having is the fact that Justin’s entourage are full of colored boys that are poorly influencing the pure white soul of Bieber’s. People are so delusional with their thinking. It’s not the fact he’s a rich not even legal celebrity that can’t get into not “nann” club. However, I think he’s need someone to tell him to sit his ass down but when you buying out Chuck E. Cheese, who’s going to tell you no.

Honestly, Buckhead is too conservative for Bizzle’s taste. When I think of Buckhead, minus the shopping malls, I think of old white families or that show, Designing Women. In other words, old white people. Justin is only 20 years old. He should do like the other Atlanta’s Ratchet and Rich Do: Get a condo at the Twelve in Atlantic Station or move to Sandy Springs.

So Justin, how does it feel to get the Black treatment?

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