Mathew Knowles Not Paying His Child Support Bills?

Alexsandra Wright is asking Mathew Knowles, Beyonce and Solange’s dad, to pay his child support bills(*cues up Bills, Bills, Bills*). Alexsandra is Daddy Knowles’ baby mother to his four year old son. According to Wright, Beyonce has never met her half-brother.

Airing Daddy Knowles’ dirty laundry on gossip show Inside Edition, Alexsandra alleges Knowles has not paid child support in three months, has rarely seen his son, and know she has to get on food stamps and WIC to support the family. Maybe if Alexsandra had a daughter instead, Daddy Knowles would most likely be around so he could turn her into Baby Bey.

Baby Moms also alleges that Mathew wanted her to give the baby to Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, so the couple could raised Bey’s half brother as her child. Clearly someone has clearly been watching one too many soap operas to come up with that idea. Plus, I don’t see Bey wanted to have anything to do with a child that broke up her parents’ marriage.

Now before you Anti-Bey fans start and say that Bey has money, why doesn’t she help her brother out?  It’s not her responsibility to pay her daddy’s child support that’s why. Point blank and the period. However, if she felt generous, she should send baby moms a lifetime gift card to Popeye’s Chicken.

Watch the interview below and share your thoughts.