MLK Twerk Contest??

mlkflyer2As if the “twerking” craze did not reach an all time low in 2013, somehow club promoters across the country have figured out a way to take it even lower…by using photos of civil right leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

As America will celebrate the Civil Rights Activist and Minister’s Birthday this weekend, some club promoters have decided to not only use the image of MLK on their flyers but also decided to photo shop him “making it rain” and hosting “bandz to make you dance” contests. I’m sure when MLK mentioned he had a dream, I’m sure using his image to promote twerking parties was not one of them.

I’m a firm believer that certain things are sacred and a man’s legacy is one of those things. As we celebrate what would’ve been his 85th birthday, we must not shit on Martin Luther King’s hardwork and sacrifice by using his image to promote strip-a-thons.

SN: Can we please leave twerking in 2013?


  1. Mann i totally agree. I saw worse than this one though. We have to do better!