Music Video: Bry’Nt Explains

Last month, I’ve posted two music videos featuring gay rap acts Young Fly Red and The Freaky Boiz. Another recent discovery is gay rapper/actor Bry’Nt.

Bry’Nt recently released his latest video, “Explain,” from his debut album, Bry’Nt Park(I love the title by the way). According to his official Facebook page, Bry’Nt has released several mixtapes and has appeared in several independent movies since 2008.

I am delighted to learn more about all these talented independent artists that just so happens to be apart of the LBGT community. Their talent cannot be denied. I just hope more LBGT club, party, and pride promoters will actually book and support these artists instead of some these pseudo celebs who really don’t support our community.

With that said, check out Bry’Nt’s new video below. Sidenote: Am I the only one who thinks he could be Miguel’s twin brother?

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