New Videos: The Jennifers and The International Sex Kittens

Four survivors have reemerged after the surprised December attack on the music industry from a certain female king. The Jennifers: Hudson and Lopez, and the International Sex Kittens: Shakira and Rihanna all released new sexy videos this week to the delight of their stans.

While we still wait on the new videos from two casualties of the surprised attack, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, The Jennifers and the International Sex Kittens will definitely wet your appetite.

Check out the summaries and videos below.

Shakira Featuring Rihanna-Can’t Remember To Forget You

I’m going to honest, I’ve never heard this song prior to the video but the video serves up some hot girl-on-girl action. International Sex Kittens united to give the drag queens something to perform at numerous shows.

Jennifer Hudson featuring T.I.- I Can’t Describe(The Way I Feel)

Released just in time for all the people who are currently on Weight Watchers, J. Hud gives hope to all those who think that dieting does not work. Showing a sexier and edgier side of her, the video made me love the song and plus I am a sucker for an old school 80s R&B sample.

Jennifer Lopez-Same Girl

Basically Jenny From The Block . Part 2.  Released just in time to cross promote with American Idol, J. Lo is walking around her old neighborhood, singing ontop of the projects, and shows off her ghetto couture outfits(one of the reasons why I rock with J.Lo).

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