Sex Sites: The Musical?

Someone once said, “Life is a musical.”  I don’t know who that person is or did I just make it up but it seems like everyday life is a musical such, as paying Rent and wearing Kinky Boots. Now you can add looking for gay hook-ups to the mix with Grind: The Musical.

Based on the gay hook-up phone app Grindr(for my straight readers, its like and Christian Mingle, or so I’ve heard), is a short-musical film that explores how gay men interact with each other. So just imagine your Grindr profile being sung in show tune fashion..fascinating isn’t it.

I’m personally looking forward to the “No Fat, No Femmes, No Exception ” interlude, the nude profile dialogue of “I’m Looking 4 Friends Only”, and my favorite, the “No Pics Available” dance break.  Who knows, they might even produce a TV show based on Jack’D or Adam4Adam: The Comedy Movie.

Check out the trailer below of Grind: The Musical and leave your comments below.