Nicki Minaj’s Ex-Wig Maker Alleges Rapper is a Cheatin Ass N

Nicki Minaj is having the worst two weeks ever. First her new single, “Looking Ass Nigga”, caused a social media uproar for using an iconic picture of Civil Rights Leader Malcolm X for the single’s cover. Now she’s being sued by her former wig maker for $30 million.

Celebrity hairstylist Terrance Davidson alleges Nicki not only stole his wig designs but also cheated him out of a possible reality show deal.  Creator of majority of Nick’s signature wigs, Davidson alleges he and NIcki were suppose to launch a wig line based on his designs and possible reality show based on the line.

However, Davidson states not only did Nicki talk him out of the reality show, but also the rapper backed out the wig deal. However Nicki is currently selling Davidson’s wig designs on her website without him being compensated.

During a press conference(yes a press conference)in Atlanta, Davidson and his attorneys states this suit is not just about wigs, its about the brand that Davidson was building.

Coincidentally, Davidson is currently featured on an upcoming reality show, The Real Hairstylists of Atlanta. Maybe this lawsuit against Nicki will serve as Davidson’s storyline for the show or will it be featured at all. Reality TV, after all, is about drama and having a press conference at random is sure to bring it.

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