No More Single Ladies

All my Single Ladies fans, its time to pour out a little Moscato for your fallen show. After three successful seasons, VH1 announced they have decide cancelled Single Ladies. I’m actually surprised the show lasted this long.

Starring Lisa Raye, Charity Shea, and Denise Vasi, the comedy show (yes VHI1 says it was a comedy) is one of the top rating shows on VH1 however the network and writers simple ran out of plots for the show. The network will however bring back the cheerleader drama, Hit the Floor, later on this year.

I never been a fan of the show to be honest with you. I watched a few episodes including the first season when Black Republican/still unemployed Stacy Dash was on the show and I thought the show was dryer than Shirley Caesar’s jheri curl. The fact that LisaRaye was portraying Diamond from The Players Club again was another reason why I didn’t like the show. And let’s not get on the white girl’s bad wig? Can you say horrible.

With that said, let me pour out a little Red Moscato for Single Ladies. For three season, you’ve had a plethora of sexy men without any interesting storyline to go with it. Thank you for giving LeToya Luckett a role in the third season and thank your for firing Stacy Dash in the first season. Here’s to being more entertaining than Love & Hip-Hop New York(which should be on the chopping block next). You will be missed(not by me though).

Share your thoughts below.



  1. I honestly never watched it. It seemed too much like a cheap soap opera gone wrong. After the addition of LeToya I wanted to care but it was a little too late by then.

  2. So sad to hear. I’ve been a faithful follower since the beginning. Acting was fair, but it was a decent show.