Going Commando for Jesus

I know most churches these days have adapted the philosophy of  “come as you are” and have abolished the idea of putting on your Sunday’s best to serve the Lord. One church has decided to up the ante of coming as you are: by ordering their worshippers not to wear underwear in church.

Pastor Njohni of Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Kenya has prohibited his female parishioners, young and old, not to wear underwear to church so they may get “closer to Jesus Christ.”  The pastor is quoted as saying, “That undergarments are ungodly that people need to be free in body and spirit to receive Christ.” And like the good servants that most church people are, the female worshippers complied. When I tell you, put God’s name and add a few Bible verses, people will believe and do anything thinking they are getting closer to heaven.

But of course, telling wives, mothers, daughter, and granny not to wear drawers to church did not sit well with Kenya’s menfolk(Side note: I have to talk in my old church mother voice when I write articles about church craziness. Back to our regularly scheduled program). Instead of talking to the pastor about his doctrine, the menfolk did a Three Six Mafia and tore the church up.

According to a Kenyan newspaper, the men yanked up one of the senior pastors, took him to church, rob him of his cellphone, took the churches money, and wrecked shopped on the church. As dramatic as this sounds, I don’t see this really happening in the United States because if I did New Birth would be torched to the ground.

Side note: I hope the church was heavily ventilated because I could only imagine what the church would smell like. Especially in the heat. Lord help them.

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