Open Relationships: Hell Naw or Hell Yes?

We’ve all seen the memes or social media posts asking, in general,” If you’re in a relationship, why do you still have a profile on a hook-up site?”  Within in milliseconds, the post receives several retweets and likes agreeing with the statement. However, I may be the only one  person that thinks, “Maybe this person is in an open relationship and their significant other is cool with?” which causes stones to be thrown at anyone believing such as a horrid idea. Blasphemy! Its abomination! Or whatever word that in the Bible that screams judgment.

For those of you who do not know what is an open relationship and don’t understand the concept: an open relationship is when a couple decides they want to be romantic involved with each other but at same time, openly date(or have sex) with another person. In other words, rather than secretly cheat on you, I rather you know I’m still having relations with other people but I’m still down with you. I know some of ya’ll are thinking what kind of low self-esteem bullshit is this and who does this? Well Strawberry Shortcake, open relationships are more prominent than you know.

I found that most gay couples that are in long term and happy relationships also participate in open relationships. So a couple that plays together more than likely won’t kill each other. Amen! Most of the couples I know that are in these relationships believe that having an open relationship not only add spark to their relationships but also assists them in discovering that  one thing missing from their relationship: honest and open communication. The couples also believe that having open relationships also eliminates the cheating. Whatever works for them.

So Jimmie, do you believe in open relationships and have you ever been in one? Yes to both questions. I will admit, I would love to have the fantasy of my partner and I only having eyes for each other and no one else. The keyword is fantasy. Realistically, I know that most men cheat, myself included. With that understanding, I rather have the open communication with my partner(whoever that will be) than finding out he has another person on the low. We don’t want have an Angela Bassett/Waiting to Exhale moment.

For those of you considering having an open relationship, gay or straight, please consider these steps:

  • Set boundaries and rules. Discuss what is allowed and not allowed.
  • Practice safer sex.
  • Communicate with each other and be honest.
  • Avoid mutual friends. After all, you don’t want to be blasted on the Internet for sleeping or flirting with your homeboy.
  • Finally, if you or your partner is not feeling the open relationship idea, don’t force the issue.

My disclaimer: I am firm believer in what may work in one’s relationship, may not work with yours. So keep that in mind before going all Judge Judy on people.

What are your thoughts on open relationships? Share your thoughts below.