The Corniness of Nick Cannon goes White

Call him the King of Corny, the Black Ryan Seacrest, or Mr. Mariah Carey,  Nick Cannon knows how to get attention when promoting a new project. Case in point, to promote his upcoming album, White People Party Music(shrug at the title), he dressed up in “whiteface” portraying a white hipster, Connor Smallnut.

Of course social media(aka white people), were upset and offended because after all, “When white people dress up in Blackface, its racist but when blacks do its not racist?”  I say to these people, use the Internet for more than complaining about everything and use it for actual research and I don’t mean Wikipedia.

Now back to Nick Cannon. Do I think Nick Cannon dressing up as a white man to promote his album of white people party records to be racist? No, I found it to be typical Nick Cannon…extremely corny. However, being corny has brought him much success on television, so I don’t understand why he’s doing another album.

Maybe he was sniffing Mariah’s glitter glue gun(try saying that three times fast) and was under the impression that people wanted to hear his music again. Speaking for myself, I was trying to erase Nick Cannon’s rap career from brain but let’s see what this new album is going to give…besides being corny.

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