Pour Out Some Skinny Girl Liquor: Bethenny Talk Show Cancelled

Another daytime talk show has been cancelled after one season. The Bethenny Show, hosted by former Real Housewives of New York  star and Skinny Girl liquor creator Bethenny Frankel, will not be returning for a second season after the show ends in May due to low ratings. Its hard to believe that housewives and the unemployed had other things to do besides watch Bethenny’s show. The struggle is real.

Having to be on “sick and shut in list” due to a few winter advisories in the past month, I had several opportunities to watch The Bethenny Show(because nothing else was on) and I was slowly beginning to like it the talk show. However, I can see why many viewers did not tune in because Bethenny seem to only book urban(a cute way to say black) celebrity guests.  Ranging from the controversial episode with Omarosa(that episode where white women discovered they can get away with being mediocre) to Keyshia Cole and SWV(like white people know who Keyshia Cole or SWV is), the suburban housewife set could not relate to the show.

Also, depending on the television market, Bethenny’s show came on right after The Wendy Williams Show(How you dewin’). Based on personality alone, Bethenny did not have the personality of a talk show host in comparison to Wendy Williams. Plus, no one really wants to see a skinny white girl attempting to be urban(not so soon anyway).

With that said, let’s pour out a lil’ Skinny Girl liquor for another fallen talk show. I predict the Arsenio Hall Show will be next.

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  1. I heard the queen latifah show should be next I never watched it so I can’t say of it’s good or bad