Trey Songz Makes Lovefaces in His Drawz

What does R&B Singer/Sex Siren Trey Songz do in his spare time when he’s not busy doing remixes? He take selfies in his underwear and making funny faces at the same damn time.

Wearing grey Calvin Klein boxer briefs, Trey posted selfies on his Instagram and Twitter, thanking designer Calvin Klein for his brand new drawz.  Ain’t nothing like getting free designer drawz.

In related new, Trey has been busy working on music for his new album, Trigga, which is scheduled to be released sometimes this year. He’s currently featured on several remixes including the new Mariah Carey single, “You’re Mine (Eternal)” and an response to the controversial Nicki Minaj single, “Looking Ass Nigga.”

To see more Trey, check out the new Mariah Carey video below and share your thoughts.