Want a Menage, There’s An App for That

As if dating and human interaction has gotten lazy, you can get even lazier by setting up a threesome from the comfort of your smartphone. You have now entered the “no judgment” zone.

3nder is new hook-up app where you and your significant other can find an additional playmate for tonight. I know some of ya’ll are giving me that “duh “look but let’s continue. However, 3nder allows users to share their desires with the possibility of hooking up(Catfish galore).

Social apps like 3nder, Jack’d and a whole buffet of others have basically taken the work and effort into socializing and communicating with another person. Ain’t(yes I did say ain’t)nothing worst than going to a function where no one mingles but they are chatting with a person in the same room. I believe if you really want to hook up, date, or just look for someone to help change your oil, you have to learn how to communicate without technology. Here’s a thought, what did you before technology became advanced?

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