Watch Out For The ThickBoys: Thick Boy Appreciation.

Ya’ll remember that Baltimore Club Song, “Watch Out for The Big Girl”?  Here’s my version for the purpose of this article: Watch out for the Thick Boys! Watch out for the Thick Boys!

Last week, ESPN revealed their annual Body Issue of their magazine, featuring tastefully nude pictorial of the sports world’s best athletes such as Venus Williams, big booty football player Larry Fitzgerald, and a bevy of other athletes. However, one pictorial stood out from the rest and got the Internet a-buzzing, baseball player Prince Fielder.

Fielder stood out because he doesn’t have the traditional athletic physique, such as Abs of Steel and a toned body. Fielder bared his tatted up, 6 foot , 275 pound ass(stomach and all), landing one of the magazine’s prestigious covers. The feature caused an uproar with social media self-righteous and Fielder became a sex symbol and inspiration for all Thick, Chunky, Chubby, Husky, Beefy, and Fat Boys all around the world.

As a member of the Thick and Beefy fraternity, I bow down to both Fielder and ESPN for the feature. It’s very inspiring to see someone who is a big dude receive recognition for not only his athleticism, but also flaunt his assets for the world to see. Thick guys are rarely featured in the media unless it’s about obesity, used as comedy, or a sexual fetish.

Being a thick dude myself, I’ve struggled with embracing my size. After all, I am a frequent visitor of Gayland where you’re constantly reminded of the Three No Mantras of Connecting: No Fats, No Fems, No Exception. Unless you’re August Alsina thin or David McIntosh muscular, you can forget about a thick dude being represented on an event flyer for Black Gay events (Sidenote: Why is that mainstream gay pride embraces all subcultures of the LGBT community including drag queens, fem dudes, and bears, etc. but Black gays events only feature “fantasy” boys? But that’s none of my business).

As a result of the exclusion, I felt unpretty like TLC. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had several boyfriends(mind you, some of the finest and sexiest micky-fickies at that) but deep inside I didn’t feel sexy or confident at all. I knew as a big dude, I had to put in more effort in my appearance than the body and the slim boys. Shattering the stereotype of being a sloppy and slouchy big dude, I made sure my attire was on point, my hair cut was laid like I was modeling for a Duke/S-Curl box, and I worked out at least three times a week. Thanks to Tumblr, (especially Tatted and Thick’s blog), and thick boy events such as Big Boy Pride, my confidence grew and I learned to embrace my Sexual Thickness. I be on my “Thick Boy Sex Siren” swag and getting my Pepper LaBeija on as walk through any room. Sings Rich Homie Quan’s Walk Thru  Watch me, watch me, watch me walk thru.

Am I going to stop going to the gym? Absolutely not. Am I going to give up Popeye’s Chicken? Absolutely not. However, I will eat it in moderation. I say all this to say, that sexiness comes in all sizes and flavors. Not to sound like an after school special, but let your confidence exude your sexiness.

Fielder has proved that thick boys can be sexy, I’m sure thick boys will be en vogue this season. Its okay thick brethen to embrace your sexiness. It’s okay for you strut that beefy body on the beach, take your shirt off while having sex, and exude confidence. Prince Fielder, for inspiring me to  embrace my size, I say to you….

How do you embrace your confidence? Share your story and experience below.