Funeral and Gunshots: The Benzino Edition

It has been said that funerals brings out the worst in family, especially when it’s the passing of the matriarch. Sure families fight over who’s getting the house, who’s getting the belongings, and the most important, who made the potato salad? However, getting shot by a relative at the funeral reaches an all time low.

The word on the street, rapper and Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star was allegedly shot at his mother’s funeral by his nephew. According to several blogs, Benzino and his nephew got into a heated argument and as both parties were leaving, the newphew shot into Benzino’s vehicle striking him in the shoulder, with a bullet grazing his neck(for the sake of this story, I will not mention the obvious).  The nephew was charged with attempted murder. Ain’t nothing worst than family trying to kill you.

So what’s the first thing you after being shot by nephew and you’re laying up in the hospital? Do you sleep it off? Do you let the painkillers do their magic? Not if you’re Benzino. Immediately, Benzino decided to have an Instagram photo and made sure to update his social media.  Check out some of the pictures below.

All jokes aside, I wish Benzino a speedy recovery.

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