Keyshia Cole Wants to Slap a Bitch Rick James Style

R&B Singer Keyshia Cole stopped by the infamous The Breakfast Club morning show to discuss being known as a hater on Twitter, her upcoming album, and her marital issues.  Before you even get into the video, Frankie and Neffe still does not have Keyshia Cole’s phone number and she wants to keep it that. THE SHADE IS SO REAL.

During the interview, Keyshia talked about how the problems in her marriage to NBA player Daniel Gibson influenced her upcoming album and how the album will make you “wanna bust some windows out.” Keyshia states she went into the studio, sometimes intoxicated, just freestyling her pain away. Instead of drunk texting, she went into the studio to pump out pissed off love song..I’m loving this already.

Keyshia also discussed her well known twitter rants against two certain female artists: Michelle Williams and Beyonce’. Keyshia stated that she was not hating on Beyonce’ but however she was just shocked to here a new sound from Bey after meeting her a few times and she actually loves her. However, she did feel some type of way now that some producers will not work with her now because of her opinion. On her tweet about Michelle’s Superbowl performance, Keyshia states that Michelle started it first but Michelle apologized over the phone but Keyshia wanted Michelle to apologize on social media as well since Keyshia was being on attacked.

If Keyshia Cole is really pissed off, I am sure she will have a damn good album. Unfortunately, some of her fans were not feeling Keyshia’s last few albums because they thought she was too happy. Based on the two songs she premeired this week, “Rick James” feauring Juicy J and “Next Time”, Keyshia will have enough a “hate-a-man” anthems for her fans that enjoy listening to her pain.  Now if we can get a pissed off Mary J. Blige again, the music world would be in heaven.

Check out Keyshia’s Cole interview and her new songs below. Like always, share your thoughts.