Five Random Questions About Absolutely Nothing.

I will admit this post is about to be random as fuck. Why? Because I have completely drawn a blank on what to write about this week. Instead of not writing anything because let’s be honest, I have a tendency of not writing and posting for months at a time, I’ve decided to answer random questions that I’ve come across on social media.  I hope you enjoy and remember if you have any questions for me, hit me up on social media.

How old is too old to still be clubbing?

If you’re the oldest or close to oldest muthafucka in the club, it’s time to minimize your clubbing. Personally, I don’t club as much as I use to because I’ve been clubbing  since I was at least 16 years old and going to club doesn’t excite me like it did when I was younger. However, I do go to the club when I’m out of town, have guests visiting, or special occasions. My friends also know that we have to do a VIP section, not to pop bottles and look extra, but for a place to sit down. Most of us have bad knees and we can’t stand for long periods of time like we use to.

 Who is my Celebrity Man Crush?

My celebrity mancrushes are Nelly and Method Man. I’m still plotting on a way to take Nelly away from Diddy. Meth has been my mancrush ever since the Mary duet. I don’t know if its their laidback demeanor or  speaking voices, but Nelly and Meth represents my ideal dude….rich in confidence.

What is my idea of a perfect date?

A perfect date for me is attending a music festival in the park and sitting under the stars. Imagine as we’re sitting on a blanket, eating chocolate covered strawberries, and sipping on sangria as Ledisi serenades us in the background.

Who is my least favorite artist?

India.Aire is my least favorite artists. Don’t get wrong, she has about two songs I actually like but it’s something about her music that I can’t get with. One assumption is her song “Video” and how she wasn’t the average girl from one but was singing over the “Put It In Your Mouth” (put it in my mouth, you can just eat me out).

Boxers or Briefs: Which do I prefer for your partner?

For my partner, I would prefer nothing at all…Lol. But if Bae absolutely has to wear underwear, I would prefer briefs, specifically  low rise or bikini.

For those of you who’ve read this post in hopes of a hidden meaning behind it: I hate to disappoint you, there isn’t a meaning.  I wrote this post strictly for you to get to know me a lil’ better. Yes, random as fuck.

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